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Fall – 04/15/2021 –08/25/2021

Spring (new students) – 11/15/2021 –01/12/2022

All full-time graduate students taking 9 or more credit hours, full-time undergraduate students taking 12 or more credit hours, DARC students (approved by AARC) and all CONHP are automatically enrolled in this insurance plan at registration, unless proof of comparable coverage is furnished. New students beginning full-time enrollment during the summer who are taking six or more credit hours per summer term are eligible to enroll in this insurance plan. Eligible students who do enroll may also insure their dependents.

To be eligible for a waiver of enrollment in the SHIP, the University requires that students provide evidence of coverage equal to or better than the coverage provided by the University’s SHIP. Please be advised that the waiver request will be reviewed and verified active with the insurance carrier. Notification of acceptance or rejection of waiver requests will be sent to students’ school email addresses within seven business days.

To qualify for a waiver, your health insurance plan must meet the requirements as listed below.

  1. Coverage must be active for the full date range associated with the term(s) for which a waiver is being requested.
  2. Have equivalent coverage, within a 50 mile radius of campus, to the University’s Student Health Insurance plan including, but not limited to:
    1. Full coverage for pre-existing conditions;
    2. Covers 100% of preventive care;
    3. Unlimited benefits;
    4. And be Affordable Care Act (PPACA) compliant

If your plan meets the above criteria and you want to waive enrollment from the Student Health Insurance Plan, please acquire an electronic copy of the front and back of your insurance ID card and then select the link below to submit your waiver request. Once you login, select the WAIVE button under the “I Already Have Insurance.” section.

Click Here to Submit the Student Waiver Request